Scott Gasch writes:

>  I tried booting a 6.1 kernel on the machine and it _does_ detect
>  the device.  Is this likely due to driver code differences or
>  something else in the 6.x kernels?

        Something "in the kernel".
        Once upon a time, the Linksys eg1032 gigabit ethernet card
(version 2) used a different chip.  This changed with no warning
(version 3) and the new combination of class+card+chip returned by
the boot probe didn't map to anything.  Driver modules weren't
automatically loaded, and in-kernel drivers didn't recognize the
        This was first noticed in early October, 2005 (check the
archives of current@) and - I believe - corrected for 6.1 but not
for 6.0.

                                                Robert Huff

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