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> On Thursday 30 November 2006 01:27, Nadow wrote:
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> > On Wednesday 29 November 2006 17:22, Dan Sikorsky wrote:
> > > Hey, I have a good question for you guys.
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> > > Lets say, I started a job on a computer, if you must know, portmanager -u
> > > , and then left... but I know its sitting there stuck on a config window
> > > waiting for someone to press enter...
> >
> > Even easier, use portmaster. The first thing that do when installs a
> > port is making recursive all the "make config" windows of the port and
> > dependencies. After you have chosen the options of the last config
> > menu, it will install all the stuff till the end without interruption
> > (except error of course).
> Portmanager doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, and it's by far the 
> slowest upgrade tool around. People who use it do so because it's the most 
> thorough tool around. By contrast portmaster uses a fairly minimalist 
> approach.
> Portmaster is a clear alternative to portupgrade, it's not really a 
> replacement for portmanager.

I think I missed something on this thread, but I am still not clean
about the 'stuck on config window' thing. Personally, I have
preconfigured all of the ports I have installed on my system. Now I just


and everything build just fine. Obviously, you can place the 'BATCH'
directive in the environment also.  Actually, the only problem I use to
experience was with Apsfiler. I wrote the maintainer and I believe that
they corrected the problem.

Yes, I definitely prefer 'portmanager' over portmaster although that is
a nice light weight program.


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