Ray Still wrote:

Just out of curiosity: What is the "echo * |" supposed to do? From my
point of view the shell will expand "*" to the list of files and
directories in PWD, so "echo *" acts like a simple ls in this context.
This list is piped to sudo. But what does sudo do with these?

sorry, I didn't want to show my passwords, so I replaced it with an astrix. the password of course is being read from the pipe by sudo because of the -S option.

Probably nothing to do with your original problem, but you do know that you can allow sudo to execute certain commands without a password? Passwords in shell scripts isn't exactly ideal...

E.g. my sudoers has:

Cmnd_Alias      HEALTHD = /usr/local/sbin/healthd

So anyone in group wheel (me :-)) can excecute any of the named commands without any password. You can also force the flags that will be passed - the sudoers man page has more details.


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