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I see that this topic was discussed back in October but my specific
question was not answered in that exchange.  My question is:

I am considering a Dell 2950 with the PERC5/e SAS RAID controller
attached to their MD1000 SAS JBOD product and I would like to run 6.2-
RELEASE on it (when it comes out).  Has anyone had any experience with
this hardware scenario with FreeBSD?  Is the PERC5/e controller
supported?  How well does it work with FreeBSD?  My research on this
topic has not lead to a conclusion one way or another, as the man page
for the mfi(4) driver indicates that the PARC5/i (the internal
controller in the 2950 that I will have the OS live on) is supported and
that the LSI 8480E is supported (which I've heard that the PERC5/e is
based on) but not the PERC5/e explicitly.

I'm using the mfi driver for Dell's PERC5/i SAS RAID controller on a 1950, and it works fine. I do not know if it will support the PERC5/e controller, but you could email the driver author and ask him specifically. (His email address is in the man page.) There has been *some* discussions on this list about those controllers, but I don't know of anyone who has definitively stated that the mfi driver works for PERC5/e.

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