A day or three ago I posted a question about turning off the
        "grid" (which was Off by-default).  I  did reply t the person
        o'er yonder by something happened to my mail.  So this ACK. 
        I've downloaded the GIMP docs, but HELP still can't find them, so
        maybe a therapeutic reboot is in order.  Anyway, setting
        Preferences in the first smaller widget with "File Xtns Help"
        is the way to globally set a bunch of stuff.

        I haven't experimented with the plugins yet, but look forward to
        the adventure!   The GIMP is yet more proof of the unbeatable
        quality of Open Source software.  I realize the the GIMP is an 
        image manipulation tool, but it would be nice if there were more
        tools in the first widget collection.   A spray-can similar to
        that n the KDE paint tool, say, as well as "line-drawing"
        aides.  One thing I need to sketch is  a horizon.  So: are there
        any "plugins" that will let me do these things within The GIMP?
        Or better to simply QUIT and use *paint?  tia for any advice!


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