Somebody gave me the answer to my question
I'm posting it in case somebody hits a similar problem.

>I have a bunch of Ubuntu clients which mount /home at boot time from a
>FreeBSD 6.1 NFS server.
>When a client crashes it won't mount /home at boot.
>In that case, trying to mount manually gives "can not read super bloc".
>The client still appears in the "showmount"output of the server.
>Sometimes /home will be mounted after the second reboot but sometimes
>not even after several reboots (I haven't been able to find a regular 
>pattern here).
>If I restart the NFS server or just wait long enough (e.g. one day) 
>everything is OK.

By default the client is using NFS/TCP and when it crashes it does not
release the TCP connection.
It appears that the server then refuses to establish a second connection.

On the linux clients I'm now using "mount -o udp /home" in my rc.local
and everything seems fine.

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