Greetings to all this morning,
After several days of trying, reading, tweaking, and cursing......
I read up on supported umass usb devices supported by FreeBSD 6.1.
The only umass usb external floppy drive I see in that list is a "Panasonic" external floppy.
I have a TEAC FD-05PUB USB device.

I can mount this device using mount_msdosfs /dev/da0 /mnt  no problem.

I can cd to this device, and ls and read the contents thereof.

However, whenever I try to write to this device, I get "device busy", among other messages which I cannot reproduce at the moment, because this is a dual boot machine and I'm on the "other" side of the HDD now.

Does anyone know if there is a tweak, or a hack to get around this write problem with TEAC umass usb floppy drives?

Thanks in advance.

Rev. Z. Wade Hampton


"Dedicated to those Rangers who laid down their lives;

 so that lesser men could be free to cry "peace", when

 there was none."  Author unknown

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