On Tuesday 05 December 2006 21:49, Wasp King wrote:
> is there a way that one can specify a log place to see
> daily logs like you receive from [EMAIL PROTECTED], when
> sendmail is turned on?
> there must be a way to enable only local mail
> delivery...but I am not sure how..
> would like to shut down sendmail but want to see
> security logs.
> thanks.
> Zach
> using FreeBSD 4.2 and sendmail 8.x (maybe).
> ___________________________________________________________________________
IIRC, sendmail has three controlling values in /etc/rc.conf:


The third value, "NONE," causes the boot process to ignore any attempt to 
start sendmail.

The second value, "NO," causes the boot process to start sendmail for "local 
delivery, only" (i.e. do NOT accept inbound connections from external hosts).

The first value, "YES," causes the boot process to start sendmail for outgoing 
and incoming SMTP connections.

There are many "tweaks" that you can use in /etc/rc.conf - (refer 
to /etc/defaults/rc.conf) - that will allow various flavors of sendmail 
usage.  See also, /etc/rc.sendmail.

In your case sendmail_enable="NO" should allow the local system to 
send "periodic" information to [EMAIL PROTECTED], or whatever alias you use 
in /etc/mail/aliases, while disallowing external hosts from sending email by 
way of the local host.  Note that this requires that you pay heed 
to /etc/mail/Makefile and associated README documentation 
in /usr/src/contrib/sendmail and below.

Best of luck!

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