Am Samstag, 9. Dezember 2006 21:29 schrieb David Stanford:
> What are you using now for your menu.lst? Still this?...
> title FreeBSD
>   root (hd3,0)
>   chainloader +1


> I can almost guarantee that you have your 'root' specified incorrectly. You
> should have something similar to the following (as mentioned earlier by
> Pieter):
> title FreeBSD
>         root (hd0,1,a)
>         kernel /boot/loader

I tried this with (hd3,0,a) and (hd3,1,a).
It didn't work.

I got a message like: disk is not existing (don't remember the exact message)

If I understood right the hdd in Linux translates to ad3 in FreeBSD?

> 1.) the hard drive and 2.)
> the partition you installed FreeBSD on.

hdd/ad3 I used all the disk for FreeBSD and I used the automatic 

Right now Linux can not read the FreeBSD disk. Does FreeBSD have its own 
Ans if it has its own filesystem how can grub read the /boot/loader in there?

Do I have to copy the loader on my Linux drive, configure it there so FreeBSD 
can then start?

Is there any other way to start the system on that disk? From the install-CD 

> P.S. Welcome to FreeBSD! :)

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