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Hello. I would wish to have a tool that would do this kind of thing:

    1. listen on imap port on localhost, connect to localhost with my
       email client;
    2. forward the traffic from/to/between real imap server;
    3. meanwhile, print everything being transfer-ed, so that I can
       have a good ovewview of server-client conversation;

I don't know what such kind of tool is usually called and thus difficult to do an effective google search. I tried a few tools in ports/net but none of them seems to be working in this way... (admit that I didn't look into pkg-descr of every package)

This sounds like a job for net/wireshark (formerly known as ethereal). It won't forward as you describe, but will sit and monitor what goes over the wire. You can have it only look at traffic to/from certain IP addresses, and/or on certain ports; it's very flexible. You could run it on any machine that the IMAP traffic passes through - your local desktop, the server, any machine (gateway?) in between.


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