Am Montag, 11. Dezember 2006 16:20 schrieb Gerard Seibert:
> I am assuming the the path:  /usr/port/java/jre/make is a typo.

:-) This was maybenot clear.

Of course I was in the path /usr/port/java/jre/ trying to execute make..

> It appears that you are attempting to install from a package. Have you
> tried installing it via the ports?

Both does not work.

> You also might want to try creating a more complete log file. Something
> along these lines might do.
>       script -ak ~/jre.log pkg_add -rv jre

I would like to but it's on another computer, and I don't want to copy the 
whole message.

Is there any special part of the error message that you need?

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