Eric Kjeldergaard wrote:

If you are open to suggestions on other  phone systems, I have been very
much enjoying my gizmo account. ( I generally use ekiga to connect to it, but the benefit of gizmo is that it uses the standard SIP protocol for accessing the service. Further, the rates are quite good. For
free it gives services like incoming phone calls, voice mail, and free
SIP<->SIP calls. For a $.01/minute (for US numbers) fee it gives outgoing to-landline calls. Don't mean to sound like an advertisement, I just love
open standards being used.

Eric Kjeldergaard

Yes, but the gizmoproject is particularly onerous.  Look at the EULA:

Michael Robertson is the head of that project, IIRC. Fairly nasty EULA for using such "open" terms. Can't even redistribute the software.

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