Running a 6.2PRERELEASE kernel here.

Just purchased a brand new Palm TX Handheld and connected
it via usb to my PC. Surprisingly jpilot did not work, did
so for my elder Zire71 (which is broken...) running 5.4-RELEASE.

After clearing the confusion about ucom0 was renamed
to cuaU0 (why?) it worked, theoretically...

Every time i press the hotsync button devfs creates
the device newly, but with wrong privileges.

In /etc/devfs.conf:
perm   cuaU0  0666

but then:
## l /dev/cuaU0
crw-rw----  1 uucp  dialer  -   0, 113 Dec 15 05:00 /dev/cuaU0

The /dev/devfs.conf permissions only apply when i run "/etc/rc.d/devfs restart"
This is a nogo because i have only 1 second between pressing
sync on the Handheld and clicking sync on jpilot.


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