Hi there,
I've two machines with a 6.1-RELEASE installed on: one is a sparc64 and the another is an i386 machine
with a little (and I think not relevant) kernel configuration differences.
If I run ggated on the i386 and I try to connect through ggatec from the sparc, ggated exits telling me it has created ggate0 device but the device does not exist in /dev con the sparc machine; moreover, when I run ggatec list (or ggatel list) the machine freezes (not an hard freeze, but there is inability to do anything).
Conversely, if I try to export from the sparc and connect from the i386,
i get this error from 'ggatec -v':
- error: ggatec: ioctl(/dev/ggctl): Invalid argument.
From another i386 machine running a 6.1-RELEAS too, everything is ok.
All this seems to be a little strange.. Has anybody any ideas?
Thanks a lot,
Andrea Montemaggio
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