I think you maybe running into a bug in 6.1 where the keyboard wont respond
during the boot process. Of course you don't notice because keystrokes have
no visual feedback at password input.

Try adding this line to "/boot/device.hint" on your boot media:


I'm booting an encrypted root file system fine with GELI.

On 18/12/06, Alin-Adrian Anton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I've been playing around with geli and I was wondering if anyone
managed to actually use the feature which loads the keyfile before the
root filesystem is mounted.

Specifically, to use something similar in /boot/loader.conf:


If it worked, please let me know. I couldn't do it on a 6.1-REL0.
(keeps saying password is wrong, probably because it doesn't "see" the
keyfile). Of course, the .key file is on unencrypted media.

I appreciate your time and suggestions.

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