On Sunday, 24 December, 2006 at 08:46:15 -0800, Dino Vliet wrote:
> Hi peeps,
> I have tried to update my src with cvsup and got stuck
> because of an error while doing make installworld.
> My system is an amd64 machine running freebsd 6.1 and
> I have performed the steps without problems:
> -make buildworld
> -make buildkernel kernconf=mykkernel
> -make installkernel kernconf=mykernel
> Normally I would then immediately follow this sequence
> with a mergemaster -p, make installworld and
> mergemaster -i and then reboot.
> However, this time I decided to check the handbook and
> saw that it recommended to do a boot into single user
> mode between the step -make installkernel
> kernconf=mykernel AND the step mergemaster -p.
> So I did it and when I rebooted and saw the beastie
> splash screen, I hit option 4. Then I had to press
> enter to get to the shell. When I did I noticed I
> couldn't cd into the /usr/src directory because the
> /usr/src directory was missing! 

Probably because /usr wasn't mounted.  Try mount -a and then cd /usr/src

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