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> I have try to make a desktop computer just to use BSD as a stand alone
> desktop ...........I had a friend to help and even with his help we
> haven't manage to load up KDE or Gnome.................it was partly
> load up at the begining but it was very slow even with GNome and could
> not find the host .................like I call the computer OGUN , it
> had trouble finding the host,................so I load hte system
> it is in a old AMD 700 with over 600 SDRAM memory and a old 16 megs
> NVIDIA video card.............but it should work
> .......................My friend Colin went into TTY to get X11 to
> but no luck it work but it took to long to load up as well as getting
> anything to run.................at the end manage to get KDE to run
> again to slow and many of the programs didn't work at all still would
> not see the name of the computer OGUN ......................so I went
> FREE BSD page had a look and saw what to do after I load the system
> again ..............load everything I could, all the X11 just  to make
> sure...............but since I only know very little comand line not
> like Colin knows lots and works with Debian Linux and makes its own OS
> out of Debian.....he was a bit confuse.....so how can I use the
> to turn on
> ttyv8   "/usr/X11R6/bin/xdm -nodaemon"  xterm   off secure...........
> everytime I try to type it in the keyboard it does something else so
> any way one has to work with the keyboard to type on for the X11R6
> to work.
> I just wanna use BSD so I can get use to it, and then use it on my
> boxes ,I got with Debian linux Colin say that BSD is more secure
> than Debian linux so I like to try it . Can you please give some hints
> how to make it work as a desktop at home and surf the net and burn
> that all I want to do and word as well
> but for now I only want the desktop running.
> Julio  :-(

This is the sort of post I'd expect from a Bigpond luser.

Read: http://www.freebsd.org/

Russell Wood

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