Dan Mahoney, System Admin wrote:
Hey all,

I have a new system with NO FLOPPY CONTROLLER and a 3ware 9550 card. It's a 1u system -- sticking extra things into PCI slots as a workaround is likely to be impossible.

I found this document on how to get it installed, in theory:


But with no floppy, this is probably going to involve either transplanting the card (and drive array) to another machine JUST to do the install (translated: a serious pain in the ass).

If someone could explain why any of the following aren't possible, I'd love to know:

1) Making this driver part of the boot-time probe. I can understand not including every SOUND CARD and MULTI-PORT SERIAL CARD in the generic kernel, but could we at least include the rest of the STORAGE modules?

2) Giving the ability to load a kernel module from somewhere else (an http/ftp url, maybe?)

3) Adding the kldload command to the emergency holographic shell (I was able to do an NFS mount from within it, but had no way to load the driver).

4) Allowing non-standard modules to reside on the CD, instead of loading from floppy (i.e. I see there's a twa module in the base system, why aren't the .ko's sitting around easily-accessible for sysinstall?)

If I'm missing some really obvious way of doing this, please let me know.

Hi Dan,

I have installed FreeBSD on several systems with 9550 controllers. The driver is available in sysinstall from 6.1 Release. (I installed from a 6.1 Release CD)

Hope that helps


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