On Wed, 3 Jan 2007, John Nielsen wrote:

1) Boot to complete install CD
2) Go into "Fixit" mode (not just the emergency shell)
3) # sysctl kern.module_path="/dist/boot/kernel"
4) # kldload twa
5) # exit
6) proceed with installation

This shouldn't be necessary though, since twa is included in GENERIC for
both FreeBSD 6.1 and 6.2 (did you say what version you were trying to

Now, if your controller is too new to be included in the shipping version
of twa then that's another matter. If you have a binary kernel module that
uses a different driver name from the vendor you could use the same general
approach, but you'd want to configure your network interface and set up
your NFS mount prior to step 3, and include the appropriate NFS path in the
sysctl command in step 3.

This is the case. I've emailed the folks in charge so that the new version of the 3ware drivers can be included in newer versions of FreeBSD.

Forgot to mention you'd also need to manually copy the vendor driver and
modify /boot/loader.conf on the newly installed system so it could actually
boot.. you could easily take care of that from the fixit mode shell after the
installation, though.

Yup. In the case of a module name collision, is it safe to rename "my" module so that subsequent system builds won't overwrite it (i.e. rename if from twa.ko to twa2.ko) or will that break something?)




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