John Nielsen wrote:
On Monday 08 January 2007 14:52, DAve wrote:
We are moving to SAN in the near future to resolve a host of issues. I
have been looking through archives for information on FreeBSD and iSCSI
without much success.

We currently have 15 servers running FreeBSD and several more in the
queue/on order. It is looking like FreeBSD may not provide the
production level of iSCSI initiator we will require. (The iSCSI target
host will be a third party vendor)

I am sending a request for information to the project lead but I am also
interested in knowing if anyone is currently using any iSCSI with
FreeBSD and what your success failures might be.

I just started using the latest iSCSI initiator[1] on my 6-STABLE desktop to access some volumes on a LeftHand Networks SAN. It's a bit lacking in polish, but it works quite well. The one big missing feature is that it doesn't handle network disconnections. No panics or anything though, and performance was what I expected.

I'd be interested in what Danny tells you about the initiator's readiness for production use, but in any case you'll probably just have to do some stability and stress testing on your own.



The developers response, for those who are interested.

hi Dave,
        the initiator for iSCSI will hit stable/current real soon now.
that was the good news, now for the down side:
what was missing all along was recovery from network disconnects, so
while I think I have it almost worked out, I've come across a major
flow in the iscsi design:
        when the targets crashes, and comes back, there is no way
to tell the client to run an fsck. This is not a problem if the client
is mounting the iscsi partition read only.


Thanks everyone who responded on and off list to me.


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