On Wed, 2003-01-15 at 20:24, Dan Hanson wrote:
> I'm sure this is a simply question that most people can answer, but I could use a 
>little help.  I'm trying to make a transfer from Microsoft systems to Unix systems, 
>and am now trying to learn FreeBSD.  To this end, I have used the MINI-ISO 
>installation CD and FTP server to get my BSD box up and running.  I have select only 
>the package that I plan on using for the installation.  X is up and running using 
>twm, but I can't seem to get GNOME to run.  I used the "make clean" followed by "make 
>clean install" method to install GNOME, and it seemed to work.  My basic question is 
>how do I start GNOME?  I've tried used gnome-session, but that doesn't seem to work 
>correctly.  I've used the 'startx' script to access X, then tried 'gnome-session' 
>from a xterm windows, but that didn't work quite right either.  Any ideas you can 
>give me would be greatly helpful.  Thanks!

What do you mean by, "it didn't work?"  This is rather vague. 
gnome-session is the proper way to start GNOME from either startx or
*dm.  If you want more help, checkout the FreeBSD GNOME project website
at http://www.freebsd.org/gnome/.


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