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>Why then? Are you guys ever going to do something about Xorg DRI/DRM
>for Radeon cards, Java, and Flash support? More importantly:

Why is another project's problems FreeBSD's problem?
Xorg isn't even in the base system.

It's FreeBSD's problem because Xorg doesn't hard lock the system on
other systems.
It's FreeBSD's problem because other systems don't have these problems.
It's FreeBSD's problem because DRM/DRI is a part of the kernel.

>2. Fix SATA RAID driver problems?

If you buy a quality SATA Raid card, with quality support, this isn't an
issue.  3ware regularly updates the drivers for their cards and
regularly commits their updates back into the base system.  Buy
a cheep card, get cheep support, buy a quality card, get quality

I agree that if you buy a cheap RAID card you get cheap support, which
is why I buy $800 SATA RAID cards. I'm primarily talking about on
motherboard RAID 1 solutions. Native SATA RAID 1 support in FreeBSD is
in such disarray I not sure where to begin. How about reading and
writing metadata and failing gracefully, without a system panic, when
a drive momentary doesn't respond to commands. inband rebuilding after
a failure would be nice as well... I'm tired of fucking around with
this shit.
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