Thanks, Chuck,

Which file should I put in the following ?

32-bit systems implementing VM typically could increase user-mode address space up to 2 GB, although variants on that and other things (ie, where devices get mapped into memory) make that only an approximation. For FreeBSD:

# Certain applications can grow to be larger than the 128M limit
# that FreeBSD initially imposes. Below are some options to
# allow that limit to grow to 256MB, and can be increased further
# with changing the parameters. MAXDSIZ is the maximum that the
# limit can be set to, and the DFLDSIZ is the default value for
# the limit. MAXSSIZ is the maximum that the stack limit can be
# set to. You might want to set the default lower than the max,
# and explicitly set the maximum with a shell command for processes
# that regularly exceed the limit like INND.
options MAXDSIZ="(256*1024*1024)"
options MAXSSIZ="(256*1024*1024)"
options DFLDSIZ="(256*1024*1024)"

Depending on what you're doing, you might well find using a 64-bit platform (Alpha hardware? Solaris on SPARC?) to be more appropriate...


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