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gentlmen, thank you for these answers, i think ill find them useful.

i did a some much needed reading into the names of the pentium processors,
and apparently my p4-540 is a Prescott, and my xeon is a Prestonia.  i
dont see anything in the eample-make.conf that mentions Prestonia.. what
would the best choice for that one be?  just plain "pentium4" ?


Sadly there is no good explination in the example when it comes to
server apps like apache, mysql, and other apps.

I mean what is the usage of using P4 of P3 when I compile mysql
server? isn't prescott better even my cpu is xeon which is nocona.
Some Prescott processors were only 32-bit capable where a select few were 64-bit capable. See: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pentium_4#Prescott>. As for the prestonia chips, I *think* (not sure because IA64 was released quite a few years back), that they are strictly 32-bit chips. So, just to be safe I'd stick with pentium4, but be sure to enable SMP and apic in the kernel as well in order to get hyperthreading. CNET PR: <http://news.com.com/2100-1001-843879.html>.
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