Abdullah Al-Marrie wrote:
Mine is EMT64, but I use i386.

Could you please tell me why P4 would be better for MySQL server or apache?
Crap, I can't find the article where Intel was comparing the Opterons to the Xeons that I was reading last night. It mentioned what the Intel guys used for GCC with -march on a Core 2 Duo system.

However, I did find a Gentoo Wiki page where it says that safe CFLAGS / CPUTYPE values for EM64T CPUs is nocona: <http://gentoo-wiki.com/Safe_Cflags#Xeon_w.2FEM64T_.28Intel.29_.28also_Pentium_4_P6xx.29>. The only thing is that they use gcc-3.4 by default as well as gcc-4.1 / gcc-4.2, so processor support may be better with the later versions of gcc.


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