Jeff MacDonald wrote:
> Hi,
> I put a fresh install of 6.1-RELEASE on a dell poweredge 1950 server.
> It's configured with 4 gigs of ram.
> However when I boot i get the following right before DMESG
> 786432k above 4GB ignored
> Which is strange, but then dmesg shows this
> real memory  = 3489300480 (3327 MB)
> avail memory = 3414659072 (3256 MB)
> Soo I'm at a bit of a loss.

You're using the 32-bit version, right? The design of x86 architecture
(i.e. it's not FreeBSD's problem) is such that a part of memory
addresses needs to be set aside for hardware uses, such as the PCI bus,
AGP memory & others. This manifests as "holes" in memory that are not
accessible to OS.

There are two possible solutions: you may try compiling a 32-bit kernel
with PAE (but not all drivers support PAE), or install the 64-bit
version of FreeBSD.

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