On Thu, Jan 11, 2007 at 08:52:44AM -0500, Nathan Vidican wrote:

> > > > > How dangerous a Standard User could be to a FreeBSD box?

> > > > Depending on local setup, this could range from 'not at all' to
> > > > 'extremely'.  Do you have a *specific* setup in mind?

> > > Standard user with the root password, a bag of explosives, a .45 magnum, 
> > > and a chip on his shoulder, say?
> > Yeah, and even a user with no account or password, a screwdriver, and
> > a Mountain Dew.

> Gotcha all beat, screw the 'standard user' issue... I had a client call 
> me once cause the office cat peed onto/into the server; no technical 
> expertise required whatsoever, no password, no re-wiring of network, 
> heck no opposable digits even or anything else for that matter, yet it 
> still managed to kill the server ;)

Ah yes, the infamous cat(1) ppp(8) exploit.  Much harder to clean up
than cat(1) dump(8), too.

Fortunately, the worst problem I've had with mine is occassional 
race conditions with mouse(4).

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