Hi peeps,

I have this question about administering a freebsd box
through ssh.

I am helping a friend of mine configuring his freebsd
6.1 system. But he lives in anothe rpart of the town
so we are working through ssh. But because he wants to
"learn" by looking over my shoulder at the things I
do, he asked me if I knew a tool or a way to make that

So basically, if I login through ssh, he wants to sit
behind the machine and see what actions I'm doing. And
because we talk over skype, we could have this whole
interactin going on while I'm configuring his machine.

How could I accomplish something like this? Does
anyone have an idea?
Two tools come to my mind, screen and nxserver but
still I don't have a clue how to accomplish this.
Hope someone can point me in a good direction.


The fish are biting. 
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