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kbtrace wrote:
> Maybe watch(8) will help you, and lastcomm(1) is also helpful.
> Dino Vliet 写道:
>> Hi peeps,
>> I have this question about administering a freebsd box
>> through ssh.
>> I am helping a friend of mine configuring his freebsd
>> 6.1 system. But he lives in anothe rpart of the town
>> so we are working through ssh. But because he wants to
>> "learn" by looking over my shoulder at the things I
>> do, he asked me if I knew a tool or a way to make that
>> happen.
>> So basically, if I login through ssh, he wants to sit
>> behind the machine and see what actions I'm doing. And
>> because we talk over skype, we could have this whole
>> interactin going on while I'm configuring his machine.
>> How could I accomplish something like this? Does
>> anyone have an idea?
>> Two tools come to my mind, screen and nxserver but
>> still I don't have a clue how to accomplish this.
>> Hope someone can point me in a good direction.
>> Brgds
>> Dino
>> ____________________________________________________________________________________

If he just wants strictly commands invoked in a shell, there's always
history(1). It's enabled by default on sh/bash, but you need to enable
it on csh/tcsh IIRC (don't remember the method, but google will give you
the answers).
- -Garrett
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