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Dear FreeBSD Communities,

Lets say, I wanted to create a Perl script to execute a very simple nmap 
command as listed below, may I know how do I do it?

unix# nmap

I know we need to save it in .pl extension. May I know what else I need to do?

I have researched and google this for the entire week, but I still can't find the 
solution. For example in Windows, all I need to do is to type "nmap" and save it in a text file with the extension .bat - and everything 
will be taken care of.

I hope someone can share with me the simple coding to solve this problem.

Thank you so much, guys :)

I think you're better of with a sh shell script for these simple kinds
of task. Perl might be a bit of overkill.
Somethink like this might do the trick:


You can add "| mail [yourmail]" if you want the output mailed
somewhere  (if you have mail set up properly on your machine) or just
redirect the output to a file if you like. Otherwise the output of the
script (i.e. nmap) will end up on stdout.

Save the file with a .sh extention, chmod u+x file to make it
executable, and run it.
sh(1) has more info on how the sh shell works and how to write scripts
in it. It's far more sofisticated than the windows .bat-thingie ;)
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