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> Both the executable and the manpage for md5sum seem to be missing
> from this 6.1-RELEASE system, making it difficult to check the
> downloaded 6.2-RELEASE and FreeSBIE ISOs.  Isn't md5sum supposed
> to be part of the base?
> Meanwhile, "apropos md5" yields this line, among others
>   gmd5sum(1), md5sum(1) - compute and check MD5 message digest
> but "man md5sum" says
>   No manual entry for md5sum
> How did that line get into the apropos, when the corresponding
> manpage is (apparently) not installed?

I dunno, it doesn't seem to be part of my FreeBSD system (nor has it
ever been in FreeBSD, afaik).  Are you sure you didnt run that command
on a Linux system by mistake?

The md5 utility is called md5 in FreeBSD, and "apropos md5" correctly
returns for me:

md5(1), sha1(1), sha256(1), rmd160(1) - calculate a message-digest fingerprint 
(checksum) for a file


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