On Sat, 20 Jan 2007 10:03:22 -0500 Bob wrote:

> I Live with a very hairy, large, Main Coon cat called Tania; she sheds
> tons of fine hair all over the place. She is a Mouser, and proudly rids
> our home (a boat) of all sorts of mice. Unfortunately she also kills
> Computer mice! Therein lies my problem.

You must be doing something wrong. :-) My family has had cats for almost
as long as I can remember. We currently have three of them and they lose
a lot of hair. 

But somehow my Logitech Mouseman Cordless (bought 1995) lasted for 11
years. It was still working last year but I go sick of replacing the
batteries. :-)

> Anyone with experience using their optical mouse under FreeBSD? All
> input will be very much appreciated.

Yup. I have a Copperhead. Not really el cheapo either but pricing was ok
for me. The light is great for my long nightly sessions. :-) And
together with a bungee I don't even mind the cable anymore!

Works fine unter FreeBSD. Only problem is that by default it is
recognized as a keyboard which kinda stops my other keyboard (non-USB)
from working. But there's a way around that so no worries!

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