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> Okay, it prints now.  Inexplicably, the printer thought it was paused.
> (My cat must have done it.)
> Now to try this...
> > > In the GIMP, set up the printer as PostScript level 2, and also provide
> > > the PPD file.
> Okay, I did this, but CUPS never sees print jobs from the Gimp.  How is
> one to debug something that fails silently?  I'm not even getting a clue
> what's wrong here.

In the printer setup dialog, you also have to specify the print
command. I use "lp -s -dclj2550 -oraw". You'll need to adapt that to the
name of your printer.

BTW, I've got the following variables set in /etc/make.conf, so that the
base system will not override the cups binaries after the next


> Next question:  How to get OpenOffice to recognize all the printer
> attributes?  Spadmin doesn't seem to want to deal with PPD files.

Since I don't use openoffice, I can't help you here.

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