OK, I already posted this on the Freebsd forum but didn't get the answer I
was looking for.

Here is my problem.
a while back I accidently deleted everything in  the /var dir.
I was able to rebuild most of it thanks to Mike Meyer, but now after I cvsup
my ports, I get this message when I try to install webmin.

webmin-1.050_2 : Your system is too old to use this bsd.port.mk. You need a
fresh make world or an upgrade kit. Please go to
http://www.FreeBSD.org/ports/ or a mirror site and follow the instructions.

I'm running FBSD4.7 release p2.
It looks like I get this for everything I try to install.

How can I fix this?
Do I do a makeworld?  will the fact that I have no pkg listed in /var/db/pkg
affect in anyway?

The computer is running fine, it's a production mail gate server. yea i know
how dumb of me.


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