I've just built a new machine with two drives, one for Windoze and one for 
FBSD. Although I've built this according to specs, there seems to be a problem 
with the motherboard, because I've had a number of occasions where the computer 
automatically shuts down. I can now run Windoze without any problems. However, 
when I went to install python from ports in FBSD, it crashed. When I booted 
back up and tried again, it gave me this error:

mode = 0100644 inum = 2290285, fs = usr
panic: ffs_valloc: dub alloc
Uptime 47s
Cannot dump. No dump device defined.

Now, clearly, I've got to figure out why the computer is crashing...that's 
another problem, and I'll work with the motherboard company on that. But how do 
I fix this dumping problem?

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