Richard Krushelnitskiy wrote:

I have a Linux machine which acts as a NFS server and I'm trying to
mount the share on FreeBSD. While the mount command succeeds and I see
no errors and Linux doesn't show anything unusual in the logs, when I
try to list the files in the mounted directory, none show up. Doing
'df' on both machines reports the same size/usage/free numbers for the
partition. I'm lost as to how to further analyze the problem.

Contents of /etc/exports on the Linux system (galadriel):
# /etc/exports: NFS file systems being exported.  See exports(5).


[*] refers to the FreeBSD machine (elrond).

[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~ # showmount -e galadriel
Exports list on galadriel:
/home                              elrond.rivendell.lan
[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~ 0# mount_nfs galadriel:/home /mnt/linux_home
Filesystem      1K-blocks     Used   Avail Capacity  Mounted on
[other FreeBSD mounts]
galadriel:/home  10321208   131276 9665644     1%    /mnt/linux_home
galadriel ~ # df
Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
[other Linux mounts]
/dev/hda8             10321208    131276   9665644   2% /home
galadriel ~ # tail /var/log/messages
Feb 24 19:13:33 galadriel rpc.mountd: export request from
Feb 24 19:14:30 galadriel rpc.mountd: authenticated mount request from
elrond.rivendell.lan:670 for /home (/home)

Hope these outputs help :)
Just a guess but depending on the permissions of the directories, you may need to turn off 'root_squash' or set it to a user with read permissions, the linux man page for exports covers the linux syntax for this.


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