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Sent: Sunday, February 25, 2007 8:14 AM
Subject: Re: kernel panic at boot on any 6.x OS

> Any idea how this could have happened after disabling everything in
> my /etc/loader.conf, and simply running a:
> make buildworld
> make buildkernel KERNCONF=myconfig
> make installkernel KERNCONF=myconfig

well your supposed to do this single-user, run mergemaster and a few other
I also don't see a make installworld.

Joe, please try booting from a 6.2-release install ISO.  If it works without
then you did something wrong during the upgrade.

Since by your own admission your not an expert, you would be well advised
to simply back up your files the old fashioned way, reformat your hard disk,
install from a 6.2 boot ISO, then restore your files.  Leave the fancy
updating to someone else.  It's a big PIA and doesen't work half the time


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