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My name is Dwight Smith, and I only had a question or two in terms of the future useability of FreeBSD. I have used it on and off and found it to be a great UNIX operating system for servers, but my only major concern was the amount of time it takes to prepare a server such as an Apache Server with PHP and MySQL support as opposed to a Linux system which is what I am currently using now as well as my company. I guess my question is that will the ease of building or installing software for FreeBSD ever streamline to where you do not have to do as many steps and text config file entries? What had me curious to asking this is this article I read about a review on FreeBSD 6.2 ( The reviewer had a lot of criticisms that seemed harsh, but at the same time raised some valid points. I only ask this question as I would like to see FreeBSD get the same recognition as Linux as FreeBSD is a powerful OS that should not be overshadowed and I hope it doesn't cause it saved my IT job many a times when a server crashes and I have to piece together an old PII with 32 MB RAM and install FreeBSD with Samba. So thanks in advance for your attention in this and I wish all of you the best.


Dwight Smith
Computer Coordinator
Christ Second Baptist Church


That review was from a person who obviously is very inexperienced with FreeBSD in general. Please read my thread discussion with him found here: As mentioned in the thread, I'm done replying to it. The guy is very inexperienced, and writes technical reviews that are completely inaccurate. when questioned about it (on technical merit) he has no good responses.

As for your actual question, installing the software is simple if you use the ports (cd /usr/ports/foo/bar; make install clean) So to be honest, I'm not sure what "streamlining" you'd need, want, or expect.. 16,000 3rd party applications able to be installed with a "make install" command seems pretty streamlined to me ;)

- Jeff

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