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Uwe Laverenz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> If you want a professional and well supported system, but don't need
> commercial support, CentOS is the way to go: http://www.centos.org
> CentOS is a free version of Redhat's Enterprise Linux and is available
> for several platforms, including amd64. Everything that is certified for
> RHEL will run without problems on CentOS. The current version is 4.4 but
> a new version of RHEL is expected to be released during the next weeks
> (which will be followed by a new version of CentOS).

I'll agree with Uwe here - Centos is very nice and stable. I've given up on
gentoo, ubuntu , and RHEL (any more lock in and they might as well move to

( mainly using Centos as a host for VMWare server since it wont run on
FBSD :( , and FreeBSD on XEN isn't there yet, i think... maybe i ought to try
Netbsd... )

I haven't touched slackware since 1995 - if it's still so good I will give it
a try again

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