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Sorry this question is a little off-topic...

We've been using Freebsd for many years and all of our servers are

The only thing that is a pain with freebsd, is poor commercial
support :(
We are running in a situation where a customer needs Zend platform
( which won't be
available for
freebsd until the end of the year...

So I will need to setup a machine with linux.

I don't know much about linux distributions, could someone
one to
me please.

We are looking for a platform that will support amd64 extensions,
as a console only server and that has a good way to install ports
upgrade. We want something secure and stable. We don't wanna go
or any commercial distribution.

I really like the cvsup/make install/portupgrade way of dealing
software installation and updates and I am looking for something equivalent
on a linux distribution.

Could you recommend a distribution you are using in production,
ubuntu, fedora and Debian, but I wonder what freebsd users

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Take a look at Slackware.

Seconded, if I got to run Linux, I run Slackware (and I have in production). If you need it there is a port of Slack to AMD64 called slamd64,

FreeBSD users will appreciate it's simplicity and it's stability.

slamd64-11.0 has issue on nVidia driver, same as FreeBSD 6.2-amd64. Besides you need to recompile kernel to enable smp technology. Each
time after recompiling/upgrading kernel you need to reinstall the
driver download on  The situation is better than FBSD.  I
can't locate driver for FBSD x86_64 on their website, only x_86
available. The onboard NIC fails to work and X can't work properly However smp technology is already enabled on FBSD.

I have slamd64-11.0 and FreeBSD 6.2-amd64 running here.

I have no knowledge on CentOS.  I'm prepared to try it.  According to
folks on their forum CentOS supports nVidia chipset without problem.

Stephen Liu

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Why not give Gentoo Linux ( a try. By using Gentoo Linux, you not only get the similar port system, portage, as with FreeBSD, but also enjoy all the benefits Linux can provide. Gentoo Linux is very flexible and has a very good support community.


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