> when compiled and ran, makes my 4.7-release box quit EVERY SINGLE PROGRAM 
> (including boot-time daemons), and go into a fix-it shell. 

You mean a single-user shell.

> My question is this: why does this happen? I can't seem to figure it out. 
> I've worked with many other people about this, and they don't seem to know. 

It happens because the real parent is gone. That means that init
becomes the parent. When you send init a TERM signal, it shuts down
the system to single-user mode. You just did a "kill -TERM 1".

> (When you exit the fix-it shell, the computer finishes booting, it's like 
> going into single-user mode upon boot) 

It's not like single-user mode upon boot, it IS single-user mode. They
are one and the same.

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