On Jan 20 at 07:24, Aaron Burke spoke:

> Perhaps there is, I am guessing that you want a custom message for
> a specific user. I had to do this for a user named dustman on my

Yes, exactly.

> machine. It was as simple as adding the name dustman (also in
> login.conf) to the password database file.
> I have pasted in two entries from vipw, notice the word dustman
> in both of them. One is for user test2, the other for user dustman.
> dustman:*:1011:1011:dustman:0:0:Dustin D Brand:/home/dustman:/usr/local/bin/bash

Aha. I didn't realize that a `login class' is required. 
I'm now using the login class in login.conf rather than the login name.
And this works!

Thank you!


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