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As a newb to FreeBSD I find that the manual/handbook is not great in detail,
(understatement), and I seem to be relying on this questions list for a lot
of help.
In my opinion it relies on far too high a plateau of knowledge by it's
readers to be of initial use.
Am I really that thick or does anyone else feel this way?
Do the email list respondents find themselves answering the same questions
over and over?
Is there some way I can help to upgrade the manual entries with the detail I
find necessary to get things working and understand how they work, thereby
hopefully benefiting following newbs?
Is there a FreeBSD for dummies?

I agree.  I've been using FreeBSD for more than 7 years.  I love it,
but it has taken me a while to get to this point.  Others I know also
have trouble with it initially.  A lot of that is due to the installer
and what they find on www.freebsd.org.  I think the reason for that is
most of the core people spend most of their time in the core of the
system, since most users are people who have been using unix for a
long time and so already know a lot about it.  With that said (typed),
I think it has steadily improved.  If you have some time to spare, you
can join the documentation project -
freebsd-questions@freebsd.org mailing list
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