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Dear Friends,

Am  a beginner to *BSD OS.

Am interested in setting up intel / AMD based Free and Open Source Server (
No GUI required )

Prime area is Webserver With PHP/MySQL Support and Ruby On Rails. +

Which os Will be the BEST ?

A) Debian Linux
B) OpenBSD
C) FreeBSD

Which project has good Support and Active Development ?

Please help me to choose

None of them are missing any vital feature to
do as you wish.

As this is on the FreeBSD list, and most of us
being most familiar with FreeBSD, I am certain
the conclusions flow rather easily from there.

The same would apply should you ask on an
OpenBSD list or a Debian list.

As there are no particularly horrible underlying
flaws in any of the above operating systems,
the easiest solution may be to merely shrug
the shoulders and blindly pick one.  If someone
you know already uses one of these systems,
that may be the path of least resistance.

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