> I've been trying to run 4.x binaries on FreeBSD 6.2; with the 
> compat4x package (and/or port) installed.
> However, the 4.x binaries want to find libc.so.3, which 
> doesn't seem to be anywhere around.
> Anyone know the trick to getting this to work?
>       - Thanks -
>       - Dave Rivers -

I usually had lots of trouble with these libraries. The best solution I've 
found was to do a find ./ -name "libc.so*"   on the /usr/* folder, you might 
find libc.so.4 or libc.so.2 , cp to libc.so.3  usually fixes it (you may need 
to do this for multiple files as the errors progress).

Not the best way of doing it, but it does job!

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