hope you are all good. i have a FreeBSD NFS server serving two NFS mounts
for mail and web servers. the server works fine and i can mount from it
perfectly well. problem comes in when i boot the mail/web nfs client, it
stops booting and gives the error not dismounted properly, run fsck manually or press ^D
to continue booting or enter password to enter single usernode.

if i hit ^D, it continues to boot, but remains almost in a forever state
while 'mounting the NFS directories'. if i hit ^C, it continues to boot.
when i log in and type mount, it has the NFS directory mounted. showmount -e
<ip_address_of_nfs_server> show me the right directories and IP addresses
allowed to mount those directories.

is there something im missing/over-looking that leads to these hiccups.


Of course, you might discount this possibility, but remember that one in
a million chances happen 99% of the time.
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