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> Derek Ragona wrote
> > You need to make sure sendmail is starting and running.  Check your 
> > rc.conf and any variables that might need to be set.  
> Thanks!
> In my rc.conf:
> sendmail_enable="NO"
> However, as I wrote, I was using postfix. I'm not a big guru but I 
> believe that postfix has its own daemon and it has a sendmail binary 
> that is compatible with the system default sendmail.
> Anyway, your comment helped me a lot! I upgraded to 6.2 some weeks
> ago and probably I did not reactivate postfix
> in /etc/mail/mailer.conf. Additionally, probably I forgot to merge
> the old mailer.conf with the new one. I changed my rc.conf to this:
> sendmail_enable="NO"
> postfix_enable="YES"
> Then I started postfix:

You haven't configured it correctly.

To enable postfix startup script please add postfix_enable="YES" in
your rc.conf

If you not need Sendmail anymore, please add in your rc.conf:


And you can disable some sendmail specific daily maintenance routines
in your /etc/periodic.conf file:


You also need to modify the /etc/mail/mailer.conf file. This is done
automatically by postfix. If your version is not current, you might
want to update it. That will insure that the mailer.conf file is
properly updated. Be sure to get a fresh copy of the ports tree
before updating. Guessing and putting in the wrong information can get
you into trouble. You should also probably reboot after making all of
the changes to insure that everything starts correctly and that
'Sendmail' is totally shut down.



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