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> Hi all,
> Me and my wife is VERY soon off to where she will give birth to our new 
> baby. As I wanted to be able to send fresh pictures I ran away and 
> bought a Sony Cybershot.
> The manual seem to say the camera can be mounted as a removable drive 
> from Windows, how about FreeBSD?
> I would be most grateful for a quick hint, have no time just now to RTFM :-)

You need to add umass, scbus and da to your kernel. Plug the camera
in, and boot on the new camera. If everything is working right, you'll
see it show up as da0. You then mount that as an msdos file system.

If  you've already got SCSI disks, it may show up as da0 anyway. If
that happens, boot the old kernel and wire down the scbus0 like so:

        device          scbus0 at ahc0  # SCSI bus (required)

(I used ahc0 because that's what my system scsi bus is).

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