On Mon, 26 Mar 2007, Kevin Kinsey wrote:

Neil Short wrote:
I'd like to redirect /dev/console to some file that
can be read by the xrootconsole port.

Is this ambition feasible?

I like the functionality of xconsole; but it's not
very pretty.

According to the default /etc/syslog.conf, you should
be able to enable syslogd to log to a file, and then
run xrootconsole on that, I should imagine. ??

Details are found there, IIRC.


Kevin Kinsey
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Yes, you can do that from /etc/syslog.conf. Don't have my PC right in front of 
me right now, but doing that's trivial. Want to make sure you have permissions 
for the file though because (if memory served me correctly) syslog's security 
settings are fairly restrictive by default (mode: 600 owned by root, or 
something similar).


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