Wouldn't it be easier to ssh in Windows in to your virtual machine?

This would certainly be a lot more effective at getting used to working with FreeBSD remotely, if you are indeed replacing a Linux box that you work on remotely.

- Chris Slothouber

Schiz0 wrote:
I'd just like to be able to type commands without having them wrap to the
next line. Same goes to compiling software: More screen space = Less data
flying by at once = More time to read whatever's going on, let it be errors,
warnings, whatever.

And in my case, because I'm running it in VMWare at the moment due to the
fact that I'm new to BSD and I'd like to learn before I put it into
production, the console window barely fills the VMWare window, so I'm
wasting a whole lot of space. Half the screen is just blank.

On 4/2/07, Daniel O'Connor <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I don't understand why people who want high resolution consoles don't run

It is a *lot* faster for the vast majority of cards (ie ones which aren't
doing VESA modes).

Scrolling a screen full of text at a decent resolution using VESA ==

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